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Lack of deja vu

That was weird.

Years ago, I used to live and work in Denton, Texas.

Today I went back there (for the first time in a long time) to pick up a check from a new customer.

Took 380 west from Frisco, eventually turned south on 288, and made note of all the new construction, while trying to keep an eye out for the building I used to work at.

(I didn't remember off the top of my head my old address, nor the cross street, but was certain I hadn't passed it by the time I reached my new destination).

Went in, got the check, remarked that I had previously worked "just up the street". Left there and continued south, intending to reminisce outside of my old building ...but never saw it until I reached Golden Triangle Mall and *knew* I had gone too far.

After retracing my route north (and confirming old photos from Google Historical Street View), it now appears that I picked up my new customer's check from my old place of work, without quite recognizing it. In my defense, I think they razed the old building entirely and started over, leveling off the ditch I slid into during the winter of ...'98?

That's what I get for not sticking my head in over there more often. I need to get my occasional fix from Denton County Hamburger on the town square, if nothing else.
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