rickvs (rickvs) wrote,

Cat updates

Got an odd phone call, from someone who didn't identify themselves, didn't ask about the reward, and said they saw our cat on the street. After Pat and I walked the block to no avail, I called the number back and left a voicemail ...then later, this text:

"I got a call from this number, sounded like a child, about our lost cat on Candlewood. Were you the person who saw her, by chance?"

About 80 minutes later, I got this reply:

"No its not me probly another child with the same number"

I am starting to think that a local kid wants to make our cat his very own, and is trying to wave me off looking for her further. This is ...not going to play out the way the kid wants, if I'm assessing the situation correctly. But I was very amused by the text message :>
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